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Snarky Email Sign-Offs - 30 wood tokens in an organza bag

Snarky Email Sign-Offs - 30 wood tokens in an organza bag

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Emails will never be the same again with these Snarky Email Sign-offs! Featuring 30 wood tokens, engraved with humorous ways to end an email, these make the perfect gift for your friend, coworker, or even yourself. Sincerely is a thing of the past. Time to add some sass and make your emails memorable.

Tokens include:

  • Please do not reach out with questions
  • With the most unfortunate of circumstances
  • Heavy sigh
  • From the abyss
  • Looking forward to no reply
  • Spent
  • If anyone cares
  • Mic drop
  • Later, skater
  • Stay tuned
  • Warmly, but not kindly
  • Have the day you deserve
  • Are you still reading this?
  • Sincerely taken aback
  • At a loss for words
  • See you in hell
  • Just trying my best
  • Stay frosty
  • Tread lightly
  • Let's not circle back
  • Have a Monday
  • The horrors persist but so do I
  • With the last straw
  • Sincerely, despite the circumstances
  • Thanks for nothing
  • With intense side eye
  • Zestfully
  • Boots with the fur
  • No cheers, all tears
  • With crippling social anxiety

Tokens are laser engraved maple and each measures approximately 1.3 inches round. Comes in a decorative white organza bag with a wood tag, attached by yellow and white twine.

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